Dragon Boating is all about regattas and racing as a team. The Australian racing season runs from October to April, with four rounds of racing held in and around Sydney, culminating in the State and National titles each year.
In NSW the state titles are held in the purpose built Olympic Regatta centre in Penrith, while the National Titles are held in different capital city every year.  There are other smaller regional regattas held through out the year and we use these selectively to prepare for the season ahead and give some race experience to our new paddlers.
Dragon Boat Racing Competitions can be held over any distance from 200m upwards and on a variety of different types of courses such as lakes, rivers, harbour areas and the sea.
Some events are over long distances such as the 18km marathon in Port Macquarie.  Generally though, we race over 400-500m courses.  So it really is a sprint event requiring excellent fitness.