Membership Overview

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Coach and paddlers heading to the jetty ahead of evening practice.

We will make it easy for you!

Your first paddle is free, we will provide the equipment and teach you what you need to know. You will also have a ‘paddle buddy’ to help get you started.

If you enjoy your first paddle, you can register for a 28 day Dragon Pass before deciding if you want to become a financial member of our club and participate in the sport on an ongoing basis. 

Key Dragon Pass features:
* Paddling for 4 weeks (28 days consecutively)
* Completely free of charge

* Can be used across multiple clubs during the 28-day period

Dragon Boats NSW (DBNSW) is the sporting body that governs the sport of Dragon Boating and provides insurance for all paddlers.  All paddlers, once they have completed the 28 day Dragon Pass, must then become a member of DBNSW and a Dragon Boat Club.
Annual fees are relatively low compared to other sports club memberships:


Full members: $200 pa – includes Central Coast Dragon Boat Club (CCDBC) membership $80 and Dragon Boats NSW membership and insurance $120.

Coastbusters members: $180 pa – includes Breast Cancer Survivors Central Coast Dragon Boat Club (CCDBC) membership $60 and Dragon Boats NSW membership and insurance $120.

Regatta costs are extra and these are usually around $41. We aim to compete in 7-8 regattas each year, in Sydney and regional locations like Forster, Port Macquarie or Urunga.

To join the Central Coast Dragon Boat Club simply talk with our Membership Registrar who will guide you through the process.