Training Information

Our club meets for training next to the Marine Rescue base, Peel Street, Toukley. There is plenty of parking available.

We will generally train if it is raining, this is a water sport after all! However we don’t go out if the weather is stormy or the lake is too rough.

In the lead up to the racing season, from July to September, we train every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening:

New paddlers

  • Sunday: 06.45 for 07.00

Sports team

  • Sunday: 07.45 for 08.00  Wednesday: 17.45 for 18.00  Friday: 17.45 for 18.00

NOTE: When we start the full racing season & once day light savings starts the Sports team also trains on Friday evenings

Arriving 15 minutes early gives you time to sign on, warm up and launch boats as necessary.


Ability to swim at least 50 metres, average fitness (real fitness will come later!)

What to bring:

  • Be prepared – You WILL get wet !!!
  • Shorts and light shirt, hat, old joggers or aqua shoes, sunscreen, drinking water.
  • Towel and change of clothing for after training.
  • We will provide paddles

Session Basics

Water training sessions will generally follow this basic format:

  • Safety Talk (for novices) and description of Paddling Technique
  • On Land Paddling Drill (or demo) and seating arrangement
  • Warm-up and Stretching Exercises to avoid injury
  • Launching the boats into the water (if not already done)
  • Water Training Session (approximately 1-1½ hour)
  • Docking of the boats on land (if required)
  • Warm-down and Stretching Routine