Race Results 2012/13

Chinese New Year 200m Darling Harbour – 23rd February
Master Women 4th 1:11:05
Master Open 2nd 1:01:959
Master Mixed 2nd 1:03:16
Grand Master Mixed 4th 1:06:768

NSW State Championships 500m Penrith – 30th March
Master Women 2nd 2:17:740
Master Open 1st 2:04:75
Master Mixed 1st 2:06:92
Grand Master Mixed 4th 2:12:35

Australian Championships Penrith 16th – 20th April
200m Senior A Women 5th
200m Senior A Open Small Boat 3rd
500m Senior A Women 4th
500m Senior A Open Small Boat1st
500m Senior A Mixed 3rd
500m Senior B Mixed 7th
2000m Senior A Mixed 3rd

We finished in equal fourth place in the overall Club Championship, tied with the Adelaide Sea Dragons.

Port Macquarie Regatta 250m – 9th June
Women 4th – Central Coast/Bei Loon 1:26:47
Men 10’s 4th 1:18:25
Mixed 5th 1:18:10

Dobroyd 10’s 200m – 19 August 2012
Premier Women 11th
Master Women 1st
Grand Master Women 7th
Master Open 1st
Premier Mixed 2nd & 17th
Master Mixed 5th & 7th
Grand Master Mixed 5th

DBNSW Race 1 200m Penrith – 7th October
Master Open 2nd 51:17
Premier Mixed 6th 52:64
Master Mixed 2nd 51:65
Grand Master Mixed 4th 55:05

DBNSW Race 2 500m Manly Dam – 4th November

Premier Women 6th 2:11:55
Master Open 1st 1:50:42
Master Mixed 1st 1:54:65
Grand Master Mixed 2nd 2:14:00

DBNSW Race 3 500m Penrith – 16th December
Premier Women 6th 2:31:87
Master Open 1st 2:10:347
Master Mixed 1st 2:11:855
Grand Master Mixed 2nd 2:13:24

DBNSW Race 4 250m Shoal Haven – 13th January

Did not compete