Race Results 2013/14

Camden Haven 300m – 14th July
Open 10’s 1st 1:16:62

Dobroyd 10’s 200m – 1st September
Master Women 2nd
Master Open 2nd
Master Mixed 1st & 6th
Grand Master Mixed 4th

DBNSW Race 1 200m Penrith – 13th October
Regatta abandoned due to extreme wind conditions

DBNSW Race 2 500m Manly Dam – 10th November
Master Women 1st 2:36:881
Master Open 1st 2:15:233
Master Mixed 2nd 2:16:090
Grand Master Mixed 1st 2:22:258

DBNSW Race 3 500m Penrith – 15th December
Master Women 2nd 2:18:459
Master Open 2nd 2:08:513
Master Mixed 1st 2:08:093
Grand Master Mixed 3rd 2:14:01

DBNSW Race 4 300m Nowra – 11th January
Master Women 3rd 1:19:959
Master Open 2nd 1:08:408
Master Mixed 3rd 1:11:648
Grand Master Mixed 4th 1:16:75

Chinese New Year 240m Darling Harbour – 8th February
Master Women 2nd 1:08:210
Master Open 1st 59:533
Master Mixed 6th 1:02:883 (Broken Paddle)
Grand Master Mixed 2nd 1:03:227

Race 1 to Race 4 Perpetual Trophy Winners 2013/2014
Masters Open
Grand Masters Mixed

DBNSW State Championships 500m Penrith – 6th April
Master Women 1st 2:17:960
Master Open 1st 2:06:434
Master Mixed 1st 2:05:057
Grand Master Mixed 2nd 2:11:852